K4K Programs

WHAT WE DO: Our Four Pillars To Kommunity Success


  • Signature Leadership & Enrichment Programs: With schools serving as the focal point of restoration, KEEY 4 Kommunities, inc. is set to launch a massive movement that will revitalize Kommunities. Our KEEY Kares Program is designed to partner with under-funded and underachieving schools that will serve as the center piece for implementing our KEEY Initiatives. Students attending these partner schools and their families will benefit from a mirage of services and programs geared toward increasing educational achievement, economic stability and ultimately community productivity. The current signature program for the organization is the Power Up Institute, which is a leadership, career focused, brand development and technology training program for teens. This proposal request funding to support the Institute, specifically.


  • Educational Initiatives: Educational programs designed for Early Childhood through College will foster an awareness of and love for academic success. With an attempt to reduce the 7 million students who drop out of school each year, our programs will target at-risk students by equipping schools, youth and their families with the tools needed to become academically successful. Programs such as after school safe haven zones, reading mentorship,  family literacy, math and science workshops, and resource drives are designed to  ensure that communities have access to exceptional educational services.


  • Economic & Community Redevelopment: Understanding that business and economic development is essential in stabilizing communities plagued by poverty, crime, and drugs, economic initiatives such as job preparation, legal assistance, debt relief and small business collaborative efforts are designed to spearhead change within these communities. Emphasis is also placed on rebuilding relationships within community schools and community/business stakeholders.


  • Physical, Mental and Social Care Initiatives: Being that preventative measures are crucial in the fight against unhealthy living, our Physical, Mental and Social (PMS) Care initiatives promotes the reversal of unhealthy lifestyles. Programs such as Community Cooks, mental health awareness, competitive and recreational sports, and the healing minds project serve as key functions of KEEY 4 Kommunities, inc. K4K has also developed targeted programs to address mounting health disparities.