Your donation to Keey 4 Kommunities, inc. can assist in our ongoing efforts to transforming under-served Kommunities across Houston and surrounding areas.  We are Building Youth, Strengthening Families, and Changing Kommunities!!

  • 2016 #HOUSTONFLOOD School Campaign we are currently accepting donations in any amount to support schools and youth directly impacted by the 2016 #HOUSTONFLOOD
    • School supplies
    • School Uniforms
    • Personal Hygiene Items
  • $50 provides a two hour tutoring session for a middle or high school student in our Academic Support and Career Guidance Program
  • $75 provides snacks and lunches for 5
    students participating in one of our “Our Voice is Keey Think Tank Series
  • $100 will sponsor one student with School Supplies for an entire School year
  • $200 provides a family of 2 school age with access to an online academic program to support their in school learning objectives
  • $500 sponsors one family of 4 in our Family Cares Program
  • $1000 sponsors our Annual 8 week Get It Girl Leadership and Self Esteem Workshop Series for girls 3rd-12th grade
Please assist us in making a difference in lives of those most in need.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated.