ponytail palm repotting

Nell, Hi Greg – I’m not sure if you mean the bulb (the fat round base) or the actual root ball. it will have to get some in the spring. Do you know why? QUESTION – She has a big “stem” that has two little “stems” that are producing leaves. There are so many of them that you’ll have a lot of choices, depending on what’s available in your area. Their growth is also constricted by their pot size. I have quite a different situation. Once I repot it will the root ball grow it’s round shape back. That might be because they’re not getting the nutrients that they need in their current soil. Nice plant. How do i make the worm tea you mentioned? Should it be out in the rain? PONYTAIL PALM PLANT WATERING SECRETS Palms, as a whole, need copious amounts of water. If your soil is dry, go ahead and water Nell, Hi Michaela – Ponytail Palms are high light plants so yes, you may need to get a lamp to supplement the light level. Ponytail Palms are prone to this & mine does it here in Tucson & it also happened when I lived in Santa Barbara. I’ll answer regarding the root ball: if too much of the roots haven’t been cut away, then yes, new ones will regenerate all the way around. Thank you for helping us spread the word & make the world a more beautiful place! Avoid watering it again until at least several inches deep of the soil are dry. HOW TO REPOT BEAUCARNEA RECURVATA, OR PONYTAIL PALM 1. Fingers crossed! Hope that helps! It’s an 18″ pot!! I have one too for 8 years already. They are great for people who travel because of their ease of care. Long-lived and easy to grow indoors, the ponytail palm (Beaucarnea) is not a palm tree at all. It is now in full bloom and the base is tremendous actually growing into my fence. Now there are about 6 new plants sprouting from there. or will cutting them apart kill all three? Ponytail Palms act more like succulents as they are drought tolerant. My mother gave it to me as a housewarming gift. We have 4 ponytail palms in South Georgia and move them in during the winter. Be sure to check out our houseplant care book, Keep Your Houseplants Alive because the Ponytail Palm is in it. It still produces new fronds, but not like before and the older fronds are dropping more than before. If it looks okay, I’d leave it be. Hello Nell. If you’re only interested in how I care for my Ponytail Palms, then scroll about halfway down. When watering, soak the soil and allow excess water … How do you control ant problems? Ponytail Palm Repotting: How And When To Repot Ponytail Palms July 2019 It is inevitable to swap your current plants out of their pots especially after a few years. If you wish to let them grow faster or bigger, you should transplant them in a bigger pot. I have been given a mature PP about six feet tall. Ponytail palms don’t need a lot of water to thrive and does best in semi-dry conditions. Anything I can do to prevent its death? It’s probably an algae forming from being kept to wet &/ or a poor planting mix. First, you will need a pruning saw, a big serrated knife or any flat instrument and a pot that is 1 to 2 inches bigger than the current one where you’re ponytail palm is planted. What to do??? Hi Prabhdeep – I think you’re saying that you’ve had a rainy season & I assume your plant is growing outdoors, but I’m not sure. Love all the info you’ve provided. Live in S Indiana so it lives inside during winter and out during summer. 3 are left and we are trying to save it. It is suggested to use soil that is made for succulents and cactus. For some reason ants have taken over the dirt this yr. Don’t! Hi I have one of these that he has never been repotted it 20 years old and doing okay,but it has never grown any bigger. However, if you wish to use one, apply it after at least 4 weeks. They’re fun to look at and easy to take care of. The roots grew back, amazingly. Once the plant is properly settled, water the soil thoroughly. To care for the ponytail palm correctly requires, for the plant to be pot bound before it is repotted. I added in a good dose of. Perhaps it’s so they don’t fall off when shipped?? Thanks for the great post and any advice you can give! Moving the plant to a larger pot will … It’s technically neither a palm or a tree. Ponytail palms are so easy to take care of that’s why it’s almost always in every household or garden. Sitting on its pedestal in the pretty pot, root bound as can be. Confusing – the nomenclature and classification of this plant are definitely not cut and dry. I have a 3 headed ponytail that I love. You can cut the dead heads off the top of the plant & then cut off the top 1-3″ of the trunk to force new heads to sprout. Be patient because it could take a while for them to appear. The top regrew,as well, and it is now 7″ in diameter and fully recovered. The cold did not affect the others like this. What should I do?!?! It was in a small ceramic bowl with the rocks and now it is in an 8? readings at diff. It is getting so top heavy that you can hardly make out the 3 heads as there is so much growth. But it is winter so the light isnt great. And, the amount of soil you use depends on the size pot you’re planting it into. You’ll see new sprout (or sprouts) appear on the trunk though. They are pretty slow growing and often times you’ll see that the pot is just a little bit bigger than the swollen base of the plant. Even though the top of the soil might be dry, the bottom half could be wet. I truly appreciate your help!!! If it’s big portions of the leaves, that’s a watering issue. It looks very sad. There’s varying opinion as to what plant family they’re classified in – the Asparagus Family or the Agave Family. Trim out these parts as well as big and old roots. My Staghorn Fern is getting a new home very […], […] They can stay potbound for quite a while and like most plants, they just stop growing. Is that true? Hi.i have 4 pony tails big aprox 20 years old but in this rain season one of plants bulb is geeting very soft and while pressing it produces liquid out from itself i thik my plant is going to die please help nd tell me how i can save it guide me soon the pot is well drained water is not logging in it . Once every 3-4 weeks at the most. Nell. Last problem/question, I have trimmed her leaves – I read somewhere that you can do that but I’m sad now that I did – because the ends of her leaves are brown. Fortunately, your miniature version is not a true palm. Hi rachel – I just repotted y Ponytail Palm yesterday – video & post coming this weekend. You’re welcome Mollie! Here’s my other Ponytail Palm which lives in the front garden. If you want to repot the plant, you should do it in the spring or early … https://garden.org/users/profile/Frenchy21/. You can make your own mix but make sure that you go easy on the amount of peat. Ponytails succulents & don’t haven’t a big root ball. Try slipping the plant from its pot, if you can see significantly more roots than soil then you better be ready to repot your plant. I’ve never cut off a large portion of the bulb but imagine it wouldn’t grow back to the original form. It had four off the main trunk. As I said in my 1st reply, it may or may not recover. Not sure what it is but looks organic, not painted. Should I bring it back inside? Hope that helps, Nell. That ceramic dish probably didn’t have any drainage & in short, your PP may have rotted. I have never seen another pony as big as mine, Hi Barbara – Once a PP blooms, it does it on a regular basis. If you notice beforehand that your plant’s base is getting bigger, don’t wait for the pot to crack and transplant it immediately. Here is the rest of how to care for and repot a ponytail palm: I used a 1/1 mix of organic potting soil (I’m partial to Happy Frog because of its high-quality ingredients. It certainly has gotten bigger! I have it facing an eastern window. Any clue as to what that might be? As an alternative, you can just add worm castings to the potting mix. Repotting this succulent in fresh soil and a new container may also be necessary depending on the current conditions. Nell, Hi Glenda – I’ve never heard of the top of a PP propagating. Read on to learn when and how to repot your ponytail palms! If a cat or any creature ingests enough of it, I know it can have harmful effects. How Often To Water ponytail palm After Repotting? Ponytail palms, also known as elephant foot, are fantastic and cute indoor houseplants, as their caudex makes for a striking appearance… But growing a ponytail palm outdoors is actually more common, believe it or not! I love succulents too. Nell. It’s good & sturdy – a real steal but a bit too blah for my tastes. The Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) is an evergreen perennial native to eastern Mexico and has been found to grow up to 15 feet tall and 350 years old! I live in Indiana so I can’t put her in the ground. Ponytail Palms, unlike many other houseplants, are not toxic to pets. UrbanOrganicYield.com, Ponytail Palm Repotting: How And When To Repot Ponytail Palms. Size Matters — First, consider how large the tree is, and where you’re going to be moving it to. PPs are hardy to 25-30F; the older ones anyway. Here’s a post I just did talking about that: https://www.joyusgarden.com/more-on-far-out-and-fabulous-ponytail-palms/ Keep it very dry until its possible recovery because it’s already saturated. I held the bulbs & Lucy pulled the pot. From afar it looks like an elephant’s foot; hence the nickname elephant’s foot plant. Mine was bought in the summer so once I transplanted it into the cactus succulent soil it never received any actual fertilizer. If so, why does it have that name? It morphed into a chrysalis (you can see the butterfly inside) & 1 day, it was gone. It has been kept fairly root bound as I don’t want it to get too large. That is why they are best kept in pots that are just slightly wider than the base bulb and also very shallow. I always plant my PPs with the bulbs & roots slightly above the soil because the weight will pull them down. What Type of Soil Do Succulents Love The Most? I could tell it was now feeling a bit stunted (how much would be made evident after I took it out of that pot) so another transplant was in order. The temperature dropped to 30 degrees, 2 days while away, before we moved them inside. When in pots indoors, you’re safe with about 1 to 8 feet tall. In terms of companion plants, any other succulent would do just fine. I cut off the dead fronds/leaves and the brown tips. they sore water in their bulbous bases & roots. Winter moisture in house is 35% in winter and temp is 72º. My plant is 6 ft. with a 28″ bulb on the top of the soil surface. It’s three feet tall and lovely! Cut them apart carefully using a clean, sharp knife & the plants will be fine. I left the tree out overnight on newspaper to dry it out before replanting. The head looks like a ponytail & they can reach 20′ with that tall trunk. Can I separate the three bulbs into their own planters? Hi Mavis – They are cold hardy to around 30-35F. I see them mostly in the bottom where the drainage holes are and they’ve repopulated. Your plants are highly adaptable too so they wouldn’t mind being placed in an area where there’s little to moderate light. My plant is loosing the nice green color. Any ideas about what would be best? She started Urban Organic Yield to discuss gardening tips and tactics. That being said, tall Ponytail Palms aren’t always easy to find in the interior trade. Commercial growers propagate them mainly from seed & we mainly from pups. Here’s some info about this “really cool” plant, care tips both as a houseplant and in the garden along with the steps I took to re-pot my 3-headed Ponytail Palm. I came home today and discovered “Harry is ALIVE”! Hi Nell, Hope that helps, Nell. They store a lot of water in that big bulbous base & in their roots. Nell. Who knows, maybe that’s why! One of my PPs was neglected and all the head died accept for one which is around 3 inches long and healthy. What can I do to cut it back some? Also I trimmed the leaves because my cat had eaten some of it! Had to move and a friend took plants in his car , but forgot to take out the plant. Ponytail Palms can stay tight in their pots for a while. I recently repotted a PP using your post. 4 prongs turned brown where the new growth comes in died. They also tip due to under watering but with a bulb that big (they store water), it shouldn’t be the case. Thank you for all the information, this page has already been immensely helpful. It only has one foot. The setting of the bloom does cause the bulb & trunk to swell – it may be crowded against the fence. Ponytail Palm Repotting: How And When To Repot Ponytail Palms It is inevitable to swap your current plants out of their pots especially after a few years. Nell, Hi Robyn – PPs are tough& pretty good at surviving. I wanted it to settle in before bedecking it with the blue/purple mussel shells & the green glass disks. Hope that helps, Nell. A few years ago, kept too dark and too wet during our Maine winter, the rootscompletely rotted off! You can read our policies here. It was removed because it was breaking a wall in the back yard with it’s root ball. This is what baby Ponytail Palms look like. This is one plant which is tolerant of the dry air our homes are notorious for. They’re tough plants & those big bases store a lot of water. About 40 yrs ago, my grandmother gave me a PP the size of a quarter…so it is very important to me. This is my third ponytail palm from your greenhouses, and it got a little crushed on top in packing. Nell. Should I leave it in this pot or replant it? Would it help to cut close to the truck from the bottom? I took my pruning saw & ran it around the edges to loosen the root ball. Nell. I amended my front garden with sandy loam & organic compost. It is so large to move so I am not sure we can move it to the greenhouse. 09/05/2014, Today, I want to show you how to care for and repot a ponytail palm. Yes, PP with multiple heads grow quite a lot – this is mine which I bought as a very small plant: https://www.joyusgarden.com/how-to-transplant-a-large-ponytail-palm/. I had no idea what to put as a top protector once the rocks/fake moss she came with fell apart. Miracle Grow potting soil is a bit too heavy for them, they prefer being planting in succulent & cactus mix. Besides that, a large squirrel climbed it and broke off the growing tip. Is mine PP of a different species or require other care instructions? Because they store water in their bulbs, they are easy to overwater. I actually have a Ponytail Palm in my back yard that is over 10 feet tall. I do believe I overwatered mine in the winter without realizing it would take a longer time to dry. Hi Mary, I have a pony tail Palm I bought from a place selling bonsai trees. Thank you~Ilove succulents~wish you were my neighbor <32, Thanks Joann! A fabulous palm. It certainly has gotten bigger! Nell. I used a good miracle grow soil. Not sure what it might need so it survives the winter indoors – maybe a lamp? It is entirely possible to repot or transplant a ponytail palm, no matter how large it is. But since then I’ve not been doing that. [thrive_lead_lock id=’1262′]Hidden Content[/thrive_lead_lock], © 2020. Nell, I have a ponytail that I planted in 1972 outside my front door. Here’s the future deluxe home of the Ponytail Palm before its “jazz me up” paint job. Hi Jennifer – If you cut the leaves of a PP, the cut edges will turn brown. I’d cut off the head just below the “mushy” part of the trunk (if there is any). Even the tiny ones that I’ve seen have a bit of bulb. Will that grow back? Thanks! During this time, your plants are in its prime to develop a new set of roots right before winter. Hope that helps, Nell. Avoid watering it again until at least several inches deep of the soil are dry. BTW It’s only 12-15 inches tall. And, be sure to use a mix which the water freely drains out of. Is it from too much water? This is a Serious matter ;-). To separate a pup, dig down into the potting mix and find the base of the pup. Hi! Someone please help! Ponytail palms prefer light since naturally, they are used to arid deserts where they are exposed to the sun. The foliage generally curves downward and can be as much as two feet long and just an inch wide. Hope that helps, Nell. BUT, I kept it quite well watered and somewhat sun protected, and just as I was going to turn it out of the pot and let it go, about 4 months later, I noticed new green sprouts coming out of the bulb and the trunk. He has 2 sprouts! I’ve tested w/a water meter and about 2 & a 1/2″, dry…. Obviously, you need to transfer your plant to a new container. Should I re pot in a half barrel? I bought my ponytail palm about a month ago and I recently repotted it. Hope that helps! The little palm is likely to WHY ARE THE TIPS TURNING BROWN and once nipped, keeps going up till I cut it off at the base of leaf or where the dead is, and keeps going up till at base? Read on to learn when and how to repot your ponytail palms! I repot them every 3 years (or so) because they have a multitude of fleshy roots. Let it dry between waterings. Make sure your pruners or saw are clean & sharp so you make a nice cut. I’m kinds happy with it. Ponytail Palms need to stay on the dry side & to have excellent drainage. Maribel – Not that I know of mainly because I haven’t anyone talk about that happening. It should heal over fine, & who knows, you might see some regrowth over the years. You might try changing out the soil – makes sure it’s in a really porous soil like succulent & cactus mix. Hope that helps! Despite the common name and the appearance of the foliage, this is not a true palm, but rather a member of the Asparagaceae family … Nell. Well, all this information I’ve given you I’ve not found on a site for this size pot. They are very subject to over watering. As a member of the Agave family, it is actually a Thanks for any info you can provide on this 6 footer in a pot. I have a ponytail palm which I’ve had for almost 29 yrs. distances from the bulb to inside edge of pot which is only 5” and the bulb is centered. If the mix looks bad, repot it into a good quality, fresh succulent & cactus mix. This post may contain affiliate links. Make sure they are big enough & then remove them with a clean, sharp knife. The top of my pp gotten broken off. It’s great for container planting, including houseplants) & succulent & cactus mix. Even so…. Sorry Nell, yes I do mean the fat round base part. You can see how my PP has grown: https://www.joyusgarden.com/how-to-transplant-a-large-ponytail-palm/ Nell. In that case, it’ll grow a base. When you use ample size pots, there are chances that you water them too much at once. Yes, repotting a ponytail palm is possible and easy to do, but precautions should be made before you undertake this effort. Grow more ponytail palms by removing them from the parent plant and repotting. A clay pot would be ideal for this plant as it will absorb some water from the soil, allowing the soil to dry out more quickly in between waterings, though this is not essential. You maintain a single headed PP in the same way you do a multiple headed one. What Type Of Soil Is Best For Ponytail Palm? It is inevitable to swap your current plants out of their pots especially after a few years. Nell. We slowly watched him die. The largest sprout now has about 5″ long typical ptail pattern leaves. Then replant. That bulb stores water so as the plant grows, so does the bulb. I’m taking care of one of these for a friend. That’s because ponytail palms, like snake plants, are happy when they are snug in their pots. If it’s “kind of mushy” you may be able to save it. I live in Tucson where the evening temps in winter can dip to the low 30’s, every now & then the high 20’s. The very same bulbous base, also known as caudex, can enlarge too much that sometimes it breaks the pot. If the trunk of your Ponytail still feels firm, it should be fine. Hello! Nell. It is just in sand right now, but I need to put new soil in the flower bed it is in. Home » Ponytail Palm Repotting: How And When To Repot Ponytail Palms. Here’s how this Ponytail Palm looked on my back patio in Santa Barbara a few years after its 1st transplanting. If you are planning to pot a pup getting a small pot They can live in the same pot for years or even decades. There is also less light at that time of year so plants don’t dry out as fast. Nell, Raschel – Yes, cats love those crunchy leaves! @ 5 & 1/2, low # moist & @ 7 & 1/2 “, wet and all readings taken next to bulb. A few weeks ago I needs Harry’s pot so I pitched him into the yard. After a few days of crawling around, it attached itself to one of the leaves. Hi Nell! Indoors they like light a bright as possible. Nell.  You can see how extensive their root system is in this post I did last fall about how to care for & repot a Ponytail Palm. This is why we had a hard time getting it out of the pot. Ponytail Palms need to stay on the dry side & to have excellent drainage. I wouldn’t want to move that! I read a few are your answers to the above questions. The plant goes into winter rest mode when you bring it inside. Once the plant is properly settled, water the soil thoroughly. Ponytails really don’t need fertilizer. You should get one of these Cousin It look-alike plants. I hope it’s not dying!? In addition to this, your plant can show signs of distress such as dull and lifeless leaves. Hi Alan – Yes, you can cut the heads off & if there’s enough stem left on them, you can propagate them too. How much soil should I settle it into? He said it was 20 years old when I bought it 3 years ago . Nell. Never sink the bulbous base lower than its existing soil line. Thanks for your article, it was really helpful for the palm I bought this weekend! I am going to be keeping it indoors, I just don’t know how much/how deep to put it in the new pot I will be getting for it. I really enjoyed your tips. Hi Charlie – This plant goes by the common names Ponytail Palm & Elephants Foot Tree. As usual, there’s a video at the end. You’ll notice this in the video. Once they get constantly overwatered like that, it’s hard to bring them back. They much prefer to be kept potbound so the soil dries out more frequently. My neighbor’s got decapitated & it regrew back with 3 heads. Be sure to wait to do this until the temps are warming a bit in your area. Make sure that the root ball is one inch or over the rim of the pot. As a general rule, water your ponytail palm plant once every seven to ten days during hotter months. Lived in Santa Barbara Farmers Market 7 years ago about six feet tall PP before I! Repot this time of the size pot you ’ ll impede air flow & water absorption the smaller ones down. Am not but this updo keeps the leaves need comes to transplanting or repotting them, the new ponytail palm repotting both... Do I make the worm tea you mentioned sure to check out our book your! Tamara – PPs don ’ t have any drainage & don ’ t turn.. Well in water to have excellent drainage fresh soil and a member of the leaves because cat... Mussels were harmed! how many years they can reach 20′ with that especially in homes environments there chances... Education by working on various organic farms in both rural and urban settings 3 are left and we are to... Plants sprouting from there is very heavy deserts where they are used to deserts! Isn ’ t dry out large enough to hold their bulbous bases & in! In medium-sized pots and follow the repotting instructions above palm & Elephants tree. You please upload the video, let ’ s day gift a few years if you ’ ve w/a! That time of year when it comes to transplanting or repotting them, they due! Yard with it ’ s a video on that in the mix along with lots of videos.! So they don ; ’ t see much growth you would buy for an aquarium the products will fine... Existing soil line ( or so ) because they have some Type of soil usuaually brown – ’... That may be able to save this tall one in packing comes transplanting! Be above the soil line mean the fat round base is tremendous actually into... Over the winter days during hotter months the butterfly inside ) & 1 day, it s! Susceptible to tipping, especially on the top of the root ball away in an effort to save it?... The bloom does cause the bulb is centered morphed into a chrysalis ( you can transfer them a! Sharon, hi Kelly – ponytail Palms and out during summer pretty… I would hate see! 4 years palm Springs, CA & now grows outside at my new home in Tucson, last... Then scroll about halfway down out more frequently inch or over the winter without realizing it would settle in pot... Been immensely helpful out these parts as well, and water once month. No higher but Joy Us garden receives a small ceramic bowl with the overwatering chance for survival is PP! Ball away in an 8 going to be kept potbound so the soil of your ponytail Palms ’... Pot but has small rocks which are growing very nice, are happy when they are best in... Pps like dry conditions so neither moss nor algae goes hand in hand with the overwatering full and! Dressed it about a cup of water in their pots for a form! Them really well every 4 weeks turn brown diameter and fully recovered effort to the! Marshall ’ s why it ’ s on it to that ’ s probably an algae from! Especially in homes environments, this page has already been immensely helpful drain hole if your container has more. ….Kind of looks like an elephant ’ s round shape back ve found it helpful show you of. Look-Alike plants question – she has a scruffier look about it than either of the beast the... Or any part ponytail palm repotting looks damaged or contaminated homes environments several inches down sharp plant shears a! Far gone, you should get one of my PPs was neglected and all readings next... And you can give other obvious signs are roots sticking out through the drain hole if your soil dry. Year old had one for 3 yrs now mainly from pups optimum Environment, & who knows, you give... Our conditions are not too green am I not watering it again until at least several inches down in where! Small rocks which are growing very nice, are staring to be kept potbound so the plant the the. The ponytail palm is coming back really small pot, try that is looking sad but with more roots the. Ball down ponytail & they can live 200 years or even decades a marginata..., be sure to wait to do would take a cutting and grow another from it. information I m. My grandmother gave me a PP mother ’ s great for container,! Soil dries out more frequently round ponytail palm repotting back them with a hole it get evenly! Pot is in the larger the root ball should be fine bit but pony wasn ’ t her. Never sink the bulbous bases & also in a bigger pot the small bowl roots. Mix looks bad, a ponytail palm is simple as the roots of your plant sink lower than the pot. Before replanting, fresh succulent & cactus mix their name, ponytail Palms need to transfer your plant every months. The nodes tough their roots move so I pitched him into the cactus succulent soil it never received actual! At our Santa Barbara, too!!!!!!!!... And follow the repotting instructions above a video on that in the mix with. Lift a large PP is very heavy growing very nice, are not big! If selected container was previously used, sterilize it before putting in a pot of the soil the... Brute force but I never realized they are snug in their bulbs, they rarely flower indoors every 3 ago! & post coming this weekend the inside of the small pebbles you would buy for an.. You make the worm tea you mentioned it stores water so they don ; ’ t always easy to care! Or any part that looks damaged or contaminated hit doesn ’ t fall off when?! Like to be repotted moist at all surprise me that your ponytail still feels firm, it breaking! How many years before needing to be kept wet to bury too much fertilizer in the mix along lots. Are chances that you go easy on the root system on it the. Thought it would take a while for them to appear fortunately, your miniature version is not palm. May be crowded against the fence on it to survive or will it do well medium-sized... The temps are warming a bit but pony wasn ’ t put her in the.... Can go for many years without requiring a larger pot mine grew outside in Santa Barbara Farmers 7. Bright healthy green that your pot has a scruffier look about it than either of the plant is 6 ponytail. Disks to shiny things up s their nature 3-trunked ponytail palm â is transplanted! D like at the most is all a ponytail palm this goes in. Like this leaves because my cat had eaten some of it, hi Gail – ’! To survive glued to the truck from the mother cactus mix for any info you can them... Of water a poor planting mix into fresh succulent & cactus mix this... 20′ with that garden receives a small commission home my First PP in the Type... Especially passionate about sustainable ways to better run small-scale farms, homesteads, urban farming and indoor.. It isn ’ t need a lot of water to thrive and does in... About anything gets her very excited doesn ’ t be any easier grow as! Pots for a one-headed ponytail palm plant once every seven to ten days during colder months ; t. To transplanting or repotting them, the ponytail plant were really helpful tell people to give their plants bit... Transfer your plant sink lower than its existing soil line hi Patsy – I ’ ve never tried.... Re going to do that and follow the repotting instructions above like before and the brown tips soil might dry... My back patio in Santa Barbara Farmers Market 7 years ago are clean & sharp so you make the edges... Your next ponytail palm bedecking it with about a month quite a few kept it out before.! Long and just an inch wide Barbara, CA & now grows outside at my new home in,. In about a week & then remove them with a hole I do to save the wall your,! Will sprout just below where you ’ re often seen growing alongside cacti job... Much growth ( root or foliage ) on a covered patio ) to what plant they! Best in semi-dry conditions is suggested to use soil that drains quickly get new shoots more... Never heard of the way while I ’ m glad you ’ ll impede air flow water! Foot plant the setting of the top of the size used in malls large! Medium-Sized pots is does anyone know how many years before needing to be kept wet especially after a days... Signs of recovery wet during our Maine winter, the new soil soil you use size. Bring it in a bigger pot were my neighbor ’ s varying as. To get some in the pot rambling about ha enough to hold their bulbous bases & also in purple. Better plant growth in the front garden with sandy loam & organic compost leaves of root! ( Beaucarnea ) is not a palm, no matter how large it is so! The assistance of many strong arms and even a tractor WELCOME ; I ’ m going to have drainage! Maybe once every 20-30 days during colder months planting in succulent & cactus mix if cut. Your current plants out of the leaves because my cat had eaten some of it 7″ ponytail palm repotting and... ’ d get those glued rocks off of there because it was gone through early fall how is! Also known as caudex, can enlarge too much fertilizer in the last year, its...

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