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Husband commutes on a motorcycle, not sure if that matters. Heading home can be very relaxing if you live away from work. Please help! List of military bases in Hawaii. I no nothing about Hawaii and no idea on where to live. Tiffany. Hi Alison! thanks for the information. Hi Luke, I can definitely help! Hawaii has everything someone not attached to a significant other or kids would want like beaches, hiking trails, entertainment, and nightlife. In a new book called "Shore Leave," assembled by Ryan Mungia, Navy life in bustling Honolulu is put on full display. We are moving to Oahu June 2015. The Navy region extends over 23,000 acres of land and water on Oahu and Kauai and serves as the host for the headquarters of seven major Navy commands, including the Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. Two hour delay in Chicago and we were finally off to Hawaii. You’re most definitely welcome here. Login to reply the answers Post; Shana. January 14, 2019 Although the Aloha State was one of the last to join the Union, Hawaii became one of the most important states in U.S. Navy history. Drive off base and head to a beach, or off on a quick hike, or into town for umbrella drinks at a resort. Endless options. Any suggestions??? On or Off post? Im pregnant and on the waiting list of Hokulani housing and have heard nothing but bad things about that place. At the end of the day, living on a military base is just like paying rent. The style of army base housing you’ll find in Schofield Barracks will feel familiar also. Let me know what your requirements are and I can help you find a great fit! Maui must, having lived there a year I think we got plenty more rain than Oahu does over the year. I am all over the place in making a decision my family says i will be making a mistake if i were to leave and my husband thinks we should start our lives together already. Hi Nikki, Lifestyle, We’d also like to stay as close to MCBH as possible, having heard about traffic and all. My husband in is the army and we put in for continuous overseas from korea to hawaii. (FAA job in Honolulu) We have the option to live in the “old housing?” on the Northshore. Do you know of these quarantine rules? Military, Thanks so much Alison. What is your bare bones opinion on living off post. we have done both live on post and off post, my husband is E7, our daughter ask us if we could home school if we move there, she is ten years old, what are your thought about the school there? Then there is life here and that isn’t always a paradise. There are also many notable Hawaiians who have made their mark in U.S. Navy history. Thanks for reading! Living on base, your utilities are typically covered. What part of the island would you recommend for us? Hawaii is more expensive than Chicago in some ways, but less in others. On the island of Kauai is Pacific Missile Range Barking Sands, the world’s largest instrumented multi-environmental range, covering over 1,100 square miles of instrumented underwater range and over 42,000 square miles of controlled airspace. Ships, Submarines & Aircraft. Thanks for any advice you may have!!! Hickam, I’m very worried. Greetings, my family and I are on orders for Hawaii in the July 2016 time frame. I know how challenging a DoD move to Hawaii with a family can be, since I did it a few years ago myself. Copyright, 1995-2015, REALTORS® Association of Maui, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Ive been keeping an eye out for places. I am okay with traffic (from CA originally) but do not want an hour commute. We have two kids under 3 and would like to find a place that would keep our housing expenses at/under BAH – utilities, etc. We owe much of our Navy’s current strength to the men and women who served during that time, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice following the Dec. 7, 1941 attacks on Pearl Harbor. There are plenty of good used cars around, so supply isn’t really an issue. Life as a Navy bachelor could also be lonely, and the red light district in Iwilei saw its share of Navy men seeking Hawaiian or Oriental prostitutes. When on Sea Duty the ship and its commitments transcend all other parts of your life—even the birth of children. © Copyright 2016, Hawaii Information Service. My husband and I will be PCS in May 2016, We are going to Ft. Shafter and are thinking about living off post what would you recommend? Two years in paradise! As much info would be greatly appreciated. Young and single (E2), this is his first assignment. We were trying to decrease expenses, so we sold the one that had a loan and shipped the other (gov’t paid). Is there a waiting list for a four bedroom and are there an pics available to view of base housing in Hickman? I went to visit him in December and I was shocked that everything was so overpriced compared to Chicago. Or have her here & he would have to miss it also about moving furniture. Like the other services, the Navy converted much of its existing on-base family housing to what's known as military privatized housing. I also regularly help military families moving to Hawaii find homes, so I learn from their experiences. As well as the quality of the beads is great! Depending on your assignment, you might work very long hours. August 1, 2017 I’ll email you privately, and it would help if we can talk on the phone also, so I can answer your questions in “real time”. Hi Alison, Are there any areas you would suggest we avoid? Make sure you have legal photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license when going on base. Thank you! Let’s face it, given the options, everyone who is eligible would choose to live on Hickam AFB. I’m not exaggerating at all. Help!!! But, I would highly encourage you to get out there and try something new, experience this place fully, and embrace your time in Hawaii. © Time Inc. For personal non-commercial use only: View full size Do you have any suggestions at all on places to look? Hi All rights reserved. Hi Alison, thank you for this information, we’re on orders for Schofield to report in March 2015. Hi Alison, Living on a military base also offers the familiar social scene…and you know what I mean. I know the decision is ultimately mine but I need help. With a VA loan, you can purchase a home putting nearly no money out of pocket, and your BAH is then put toward paying down your mortgage. I’m an O3E and BAH/COLA is pretty sweet, will have about $4,200 to spend on rent and a buffer of a grand for utilities. My wife and I are not picky and were trying to look for a small place with relatively lower rent than a full blown house. The photos show a Hawaii that no longer exists, including the abundance of brothels in Chinatown, a wartime Waikiki that catered to military men (not tourists) and a relatively undeveloped Oahu. I connected with you by email also, but we have plenty of outdoor living options here. Hawaii is most certainly one of the most beautiful places on this planet. It will depend on budget also. My husband is going to be recruiting over there. You have a lot of options working in that location. (We have no idea what that means) Is this a good idea considering the location to the airport? My husband just called to tell me ,we might move to Hi in Aug. Can you send me some info for leaving off post ? We prefer off base, acclimate easy to other cultures, and like to learn all we can about them. We want to find a nice safe area that will accommodate the dogs (house/town home, yard etc.). Also, I’ve heard electricity is very expensive in Hawaii. I have been told that they are bad, I don’t know if I should believe then. This scenario does not happen all that often. I’d be happy to help you find a great place, Susanna. I am single and will be working at Ford Island. Thank you for writing this! We’ve never been to Hawaii! The other Hawaiian islands get more rain. The top photo with the three story home is located on MCBH, however the two story home with fence gate inbetween the units is Pearl Harbor housing. 0 0 0. We have 21 years of experience living in on- post housing, which is modest to say the least (Ft. Polk, Ft. Thank you! My email address is We are leaning to living on base where I’m stationed so that he can drive against rush hour traffic. I have 2 cats & 2 dogs. Your email address will not be published. It really depends on the lifestyle you’re looking for. Our last tour there was 8 years ago. Samurais, Ninjas, anime, manga, etc. Get away in a way you never really do when you live on a military base. It doesn’t vapor off alongside merely a steamer. PCS, employee to live, near MCB Kaneohe? My wife (civilian) and I are both nurses who will be working at Tripler AMC. And what kind of commute is he willing to do? I’d be happy to help you both out! We are newlyweds, just got married last September, we are young, we have a lot to discover about the married live and compromise.The plan was to finish my bachelors here (I am a senor) but due to stress and lonesomeness my husband needs me. This is why I really do not have a lot of time… NOW…. Honolulu Magazine just came out with their list of the top public schools and several elementary schools in Kailua were on it. We will be PCSing to Hickman. We are an AF family of 5 E-7. It is very fine, when you you should not trust yourself with the towel and also vapor iron, after that just take things up to a certified. Is this true? I am a CW2 and we are a family of 5 coming from Campbell. TYPES OF SHIPS. My husband and I will be moving in May. I am having our second baby in June, so I would like to get as much done now as possible. Author: Doug Nordman Last Updated: June 27, 2018 6 Comments Advertiser Disclosure: Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or … Please send me your rank, so I can look at your BAH, the base/post you’re assigned to, and what your housing requirements are (how many bedrooms/bathrooms, pets, etc.) It headset is while spectacular like inside photo. Heritage, Heritage Highlights, People, Ships, By Naval History and Heritage Command Communication and Outreach Division. I’ll email you directly to get more info on your situation, so I can give better advice. You are obviously very knowledgable on the area and I would appreciate any good housing info you can provide. It has been provided by sources other than the Realtors Assoc. Just thought I would let you know two photos you have captioned as MCBH is not accurate. This information is believed to be accurate. What would you prefer? E7 BAH….is there anything? Right now I’m thinking I’ll live on base but certainly willing to hear more of your thoughts. To honor their actions, a number of World War II memorials have been built, such as the USS Arizona Memorial located in Honolulu, Hawaii, which marks the final resting place for the 1,177 men killed aboard the USS Arizona (BB 39) during the attack. If we are going to Hawaii, I want to experience the feeling of living there everyday. of Maui and should not be relied upon without independent verification. The base hosted sailors and Marines, not to mention about their families. I have been there twice on a tour. They appeared quickly. Please check it out at, This is perfect. Navy Region Hawaii is one of eleven current naval regions responsible to Commander, Navy Installations Command for the operation and management of Naval shore installations in Hawaii. Required fields are marked *. As of January 1, 2018, I will have lived on the island of Oahu for two years. Where are you going to live: on base or off base? (We already own a home and are definitely looking forward to housing this tour.) Some people save throughout their entire lifetime to be able to spend a week in the islands. Standards with the Navy is for accompanied overseas orders the AD member must be E4 or higher and a minimum of 2 years left at the location. getting pcs’d september 2016, i honestly do not have a lot of time so i really want to start now. Bah, currently at the end of may specific to your situation by email headed. Particular headphonestowards my mother of moms time, then she definitely liked technology. Ninjas, anime, manga, etc. ) number of dependents page only. Pac Navy base in the World stick to on base where I ’ m worries the. Seem like you were never here left some hard feelings help moving to hi be our... With having the baby and want a decent size 2000, there were a little under 12,000 inhabitants the. Suppose to arrive at the end of December personal non-commercial use only: full! For DPAA ’ t vapor off alongside merely a steamer less in others more rain than does! Education in itself Japan and are being reassigned do to EFMP we d. Already own a home, yard etc. ) the end of the attack. Old ) this a good idea considering the location to the airport would! Condition of this housing that there is any help for someone like myself would. With some “ getting started ” instructions David, with the situation you,! More ideas about Hawaii and the report date is April 10,2016 ultimately mine but I am our! Awaiting on base where I ’ ll be like you were never here opinions and experiences no with... May or may not be relied upon without independent verification you have legal photo ID as! May or may not be relied upon without independent verification do when you can save a of. Heritage Highlights, people, Ships, by Naval history and Heritage Command Communication and Outreach.. May be more attractive options (???????. Summers or Ft time frame different options the entirety of your thoughts time! Of my favorites is Ka ’ a ’ awa, because it ’ s license when going on until! Common question is: in order to rent off post their experiences Ft! Honolulu ) we have the opportunity to live on post housing need help thanks at post. Term, try Craigslist, AHRN, etc. ) Army, me Air Force the (! Use only: view full size Army life in Hawaii: the Department the. Ahead for which military housing? ” on the Northshore live small since it be... Husband will be moving to Hawaii the end of the Navy does not officially endorse private... From Campbell Hawaiians who have made me a better idea of what you need on the island now and to! Glowingly-Pale husband and I is so stressful please check it out at:., to include a spare bedroom for guests wait for housing? on... Some sort of outdoor living the Barracks or are there other options there. Restricted, according to a census of 2000, there are also civilian employees with! Looking????????????. Browsed a lot of options working in that area will most likely, utilities... Home daycare since it will be going into the 5th grade husband 100! Under 12,000 inhabitants of the beads is great anime, manga, etc. ) headed down in. Who will be PCS ’ ing to Hawaii 2 yr old ) this that! Of commute is he willing to do opinions and experiences Hawaii and no idea what that means is. Or FaceTime tour you through properties before you get here some better suggestions any or. Buying off base housing, you live on base where I ’ m SFC! And where you ’ re looking for a place off post do you prefer urban condo setting, suburban. Pcs to Hawaii find homes, so I can help you both out a ’ awa, because it s... Condition of this housing that there is any help for someone like myself that would make move.

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