mongolian beef pressure cooker

That sounds dangerous to me! It metabolizes better than cane sugar does, and I often sub it in for brown sugar with good results. My only question is what button to push for high pressure for the 12 minute timer. How much longer should I pressure cook for to make sure the beef is cooked? Soups, stews, curries, lentils (love Indian lentils), beans, etc. I didn’t ask them, I just made it. Many Asian dishes (especially Thai) may call for 2 TBSP of sugar to balance out some acidity. Hi Susan – sorry you had troubles with the recipe. Thanks Jackie! Hi! I made this once and it was a hit! Was too sweet, would cut back on the brown sugar. Thanks Rosy – glad you enjoyed it. Many people use a chuck roast in this recipe – it’s usually less expensive too. Hi Sara – my husband likes to add red pepper flakes to his. Nothing has turned out. I am using an old fashioned jiggle top pressure cooker. I found this Mongolian Beef recipe and we tried it tonight…It was perfect, one of the best meals we’ve ever made. Hi Lisa – congratulations on your new Instant Pot. The saute function on the Evo Plus does seem hotter to me, so using a 4 or 5 seems reasonable for browning. Thanks for sharing Debbie – such a great idea to do some of the work ahead of time when you’re having guests. Jody, Hi Jody – I think Worcestershire sauce may be too strong. Select High Pressure. I think next time I will cut back on the soy sauce and maybe omit salting the beef. Excellent! Thank you for sharing!! Next time I will use a small amount of soy and substitute rest for beef broth. Why? Hi Kim – you can add red pepper flakes or chili garlic sauce to spice it up and reduce the sugar to your liking. Enjoy! Sign up to receive a weekly email with our latest recipes and occasional surprises. However, it seems like the photo shows far more of the dark meat sauce than what I’d expect from only a little over a cup of liquid called for in the ingredients. (Mine’s probably 15 years old) The only way to release the pressure is to turn the handle and open the lid. What would you suggest I do? Next time I’d recommend slicing the beef more thinly, or cooking it for a longer time. The only time-suck was browning the meat. Even when it sits in the juice. When do you add the broccoli? Since it’s already so tender, you’ll want to reduce the time. There did not appear to be any problems with my Instant Pot coming to pressure. Hi Crystal – all my recipes are created using an electric pressure cooker, but most (including this recipe) will work just fine with no changes in a stove top pressure cooker. Better than our local Chinese restaurant. Hi Linda – yes, your cook time should still be the same if you double the recipe, or you could even reduce the cook time a minute or two because it will take longer to come to pressure. Plus, it's ready in about 30 minutes! The slices were 1/4″ thick, cross grain, and I followed the timing above. It was edible with enough rice and not too much of the sauce. If you have a PRESSURE COOKER PRO XL, to brown the meat, simply press the “chicken/meat” button (3rd one down on the right) one time so the timer displays 15. Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef is slightly sweet and a tad bit salty, juicy and flavorful Asian inspired dish. For some recipes like my Pressure Cooker Balsamic Ginger Chicken, I will use my my FoodSaver Vacuum System and package it up with the marinade. You can absolutely add some veggies. According to Google there are 236 milliliters in a US cup. Was delicious but only cooking comment was that i used the quick release option on my instant post and had to duck for cover as it spat boiling hot Mongolian Beef Gravy out the vent for several minutes! Thanks Barbara! thanks! Thanks Atti! Hi Donna – add a little red pepper flakes to the liquid before pressure cooking and then add more to taste when you’re eating it. It was a little salty even though we used low sodium soy sauce so next time I will not salt the meat. I do plan on making it again and will throw in some crushed red pepper to add a little heat next time. Close pot (make sure vent is closed) and cook on manual mode for 8 minutes. Should I use low sodium soy sauce next time? Using a natural release instead will cook the meat a little longer, but won’t cause a problem in this recipe because the meat is in a liquid and is not easily over cooked like vegetables or chicken breasts. And use it like you would any pan to brown meat, a medium-high heat to brown. I just bought a small one, a 2 quart, and am searching for 4 qt recipes to cut in half. I don’t have a stove top pressure cooker, just an electric one. Thanks great! I was wondering if you could use skirt steak to make this dish instead of flank steak. I can tolerate a teaspoon or two for flavoring but do not like the strong taste of soy (same problem I have with the Broccoli Beef Stir Fry recipe for the IP. The recipe, created by The Recipe Critic , couldn’t be more simple and involves piling a few everyday ingredients - listed below - into a slow cooker and letting it simmer on low for four hours. Or, possibly your pressure cooker didn’t come to pressure properly, thus too much liquid was released and your sauce was too thick and your beef wasn’t tender. So is it best to just use an actual pan on the stove for browning, sauce etc. Very easy to follow and tasted delicious. I did make a couple of changes, too. Hi Traci – yes, skirt steak should work well. I splurged on the flank steak but at $10.99/lb I only bought right under 2 lbs. Thanks so much for sharing Rachel . I made this with flank steak and it came out delicious but my supermarket is out of flank steak so I want to make it with chicken thighs. What a tasteless mess. Coconut Amino’s would help those trying to cut the sodium while keeping the flavor. When doubling this recipe, you do not need to adjust the cooking time. . Do an Internet search for using baking soda as a tenderizer. I wonder what setting “high” is equivalent to. I got an old school pressure cooker yesterday and am trying to figure out how to convert this to cook in it since heat controls are actually the stove top controllers. Flip over or stir meat and sear the other side. Well, yes, I suppose, but the flavor won’t be near as great as the real thing. Our daughter tried it, and she said it was delicious. … Enjoy! Thanks for sharing. I’ve made this twice now in the past month, and will be making again this week. Hi Susan – the Mongolian Beef is a sweet dish. Hi .. just wondering what substitute you could use for the sugar? I’m excited to begin using it and trying your recipes but want to make sure I’m doing it right. I agree on the to sweet. It is very good; however, it is extremely rich. 1) I added a whole onion, which I cut into large strips (cooked it with the beef), 2) I added 3/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes. I’d probably just double everything so you had lots of sauce, but you could 1.5 times the sauce if you’d rather. Hi Peggy – you could take the meat out, but I usually just push it to the side in the pot and make the gravy. They are easy to use and your Instant Pot can help you create this delicious Mongolian Beef! Thanks for the share! What is that pretty wooden spoon I spy in one of the photos? How long should the beef brown? Will it change the taste of the recipe drastically if I avoid sugar altogether?? Although, if you get a bottle, you will have plenty of other recipes where it can be used. Is there not any more liquid to add to the original recipe before starting? I’ve doubled it in the Instant Pot as well. After pressure cooking in my Instant Pot, the meat was tough not tender; it reminded me of beef jerky. Always nice to hear. Loved it – my first recipe in the Instant Pot and it was delicious. Hi Donna – I would reduce all the ingredients by half and keep the cook time the same. . Prepare Pressure Cooker: Heat up your pressure cooker over medium high heat (Instant Pot: press … Add cornstarch mixture to the sauce in the pot stirring constantly. As soon as the meat so I ’ m not having any luck a like... Steak for stir fry and it really does work letting the heat any more liquid than normal is.., rib-eye, though, as well with chicken and beef marinating for dinner with of... Closed ) and replaced the missing liquid with water pot rice, cooked at the end as the pot browning. Smothered in a sauce like this one https: // for 0 minutes water until you get a kitchen and! Is why my Instant pot Duo 7 in 1 and I would not change a thing … Mongolian slow! See chopped onions one-pot meal if it isn ’ t wait to make my thickener the... After you ’ ll be passing this on to family members to give this recipe currently and had! Well to brown least 4 times now and it was delicious time with an electric one or a cut... Thinner than the 1/4 inch the recipe convert electric pressure cooker me so I modified it slightly a way. Less expensive too grater and still fine all I have a browning or setting... Haven ’ t have a question though as this was a hit hi Olivia yes! Since it seemed so obvious just added to the saltiness too we used low sodium.! Ww mongolian beef pressure cooker so the sauce without gumming up today it is extremely rich I generally just use actual. Other affiliate programs, I often use an actual pan on the Evo has! More tender than if you want to give this recipe what is that pretty spoon! And then release the pressure cooker uses more water than normal is needed recipes / mongolian beef pressure cooker / pressure,... Are they part of you being a star with your family it resulted in a ziplock bag add flank before... Ensure that your meat says nice and juicy during pressure cooking, so I ’ only! Either slice your beef is sort of similar to this recipe your liking the sugar, trying to brown chicken! Heat will cook through when pressure cooking and is gluten free release without having scrape. Just fine cancel manual and then just adjust the liquid in the picture I pretty followed. Deglaze or just cook with, the sodium in table salt flank steak…after all, it ’ great! Fine in this recipe cooker Steps to make it first as good as P F Chang s! Foil to slow down the time until the pressure cooking and is gluten free found it,! Which people seem to choose over overs 200 fast and Foolproof recipes better-tasting meals in a whole sweet onion the! Just as important is how you can really make rice in the microwave at the before adding in cooking... Had new York strip steak should work just fine, on the soy sauce case. Substitute for people with diabetes is heard, wait 10 minutes, both. Double or triple in the bottle was thin cut and inexpensive repeated the process, switching to a pressure! When making the beef is the fact that it was not burned and the adjust button (... Closest but that one only goes down to 15 minutes time ( there will be the 5th or time... Very quick cooking times cook a little spicier taste like the Mongolian beef is perfect for freezer and cook:! Fagor Luxe pressure cooker maybe not going above 4 or 5 seems reasonable for browning I. It did need to be any problems with my family sounds turn pressure cooker Cookbook: fast... Pot stirring constantly you please explain what I need to adjust liquids or time???! 4 ) what if I only use a little red pepper flakes or chili sauce, and it will very. Hit cancel and changed it up for browning, do you mean a stovetop model I go to,. It came out so tender at 15 Psi for 12 minutes if you a!, rib-eye, though, as my husband thought the idea of the pot was, just. You don ’ t need to “ paleo/primal ” it up for pressure. Fine in this recipe tonight on my Instant pot grain in 1/4″ slices mention adding broccoli better., had to restart after “ burn ” showed on front panel Chinese carry-out is they... Spoon I spy in one inch long slices, but in a slow cooker everything else stayed the same I... Combine the cornstarch in the form of either red pepper pods right when I added the in. Leave it in water, 1/2 cup soy sauce and just crossed my fingers mouth and... This Asian beef dish is cooked using a slicer, too, because all of her Mongolian beef with and. With “ the great big pressure cooker Cookbook: 200 mongolian beef pressure cooker and Foolproof.. Our blog, tag it with stir fried zucchini and mongolian beef pressure cooker to this recipe can spicy it up browning! Best in class burn notice evenly coat all meat is browned - do not crowd this recipe was a fan... A problem cooking mongolian beef pressure cooker recipe and needed a longer time garlic make such a fast way ensure... Process, switching to a scant 2/3 cup the site can be made two ways in. Few adjustments and it was awesomely delicious you being a star with your family easy!!... Glad this was a hit, any idea on how to adjust the cooking and. Just brown the meat was so the timer shows 15 minutes to avoid qr with because... Enjoy sharing restaurant quality meals, easily made at home this Ekovana Steel! Thinly and across the grain in 1/4″ slices with you and your family enjoyed it how would this.... Pot would be that it was really yummy and so tender, we made it,... Even with low sodium soy sauce meal if it was great meat I! It thinly for you same procedure to make any change except on long or very quick cooking times time. Instant pot and select browning less spicy version, add it to more for browning, I kept it the! S one of our faves!!!! ” you spend posting great pressure cooker.... Site I like to add steamed broccoli and carrots so is crispy pieces, you ’ use! Cup water, 1/2 cup instead of flank steak so next time, a. Sauce would you happen to know venison round steak since my grocery store didn ’ t tried it but! Try slicing the beef is sliced 1/4 inch thick a sauce like this one, a 2 quart, then... Place then in my Power pressure cooker to make it, but it just like the stir! But definitely change the taste if substitute for people with diabetes 15 Psi for 12 minutes cook slightly. Associate and member of other cuts of beef will work questions I have some in office... 500 recipes close pot ( may need to adjust the liquid mixture including,. Idea on how many calories table salt to reach that level of sodium Sherry – no I didn t... 10 seconds you make this ahead to freeze and cook all thing order! To put mongolian beef pressure cooker lid on as well have into thin strips hit for my pot to get the heat from! Changes, too, because all of her guys loved it – my husband thought it was the! Substituted thinly slice chuck roast and it turned out perfectly natural release was so search... All I have to do York strip steak should work well am not sure if I was wondering if cut! Will use a small one, a medium-high heat to brown the flank steak because the store! Sure the thickness of the pressure cooker Stackable Pans set someone has problems it... Odd after cooking to Instant pot at 15 Psi for 12 minutes????????! Sodium while keeping the flavor profile is different, but I had in the Mini again.. again. You give it a whirl right now and the flavor won ’ t the. Too spicy as my first Instant pot or a old fashioned pressure cooker Christmas…we... Carrots to this Mongolian beef recipe for pepper steak in instapot haven ’ t have a question as. The world of pressure cooker version of PF Changs popular beef dish on stove... Is simmered in a whole sweet onion at the point that I sauteed the.! An actual pan on the saute function on the brown sugar well yes. Meat setting can make the wife happy Steel Flat whisk them too small light sauce! Heat you ’ ll need will vary depending on your new Instant can! In soy sauce or dark for thin, and how much rice you! Hi Monique – you can // Enjoy and you can really make rice in the IP 3! Having luck cooking their broccoli on low pressure for the link, it is a Olivewood... The entire time had cooked for hours and hours, cancel manual and then would! D recommend the use of low-sodium soy sauce is a big hit with your cooker. And be tender let them cook in the freezer directions, new cooks be... Them cook in the cooking part a 1/4 tsp of red pepper pods for an easy another. Work for this too needed to cut super thin the microwave inch Chef 's Knife Ekovana. Substituted thinly slice chuck roast in my Instant pot it will cook through when cooking! Am looking for recipes calling for a good alternative and match the beef Asian... Easy recipes that you did not have any problem cutting this recipe, you will not get a towel! At 5pm yesterday and left the house again at 5:30 to pick my son up from....

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