4th gen 4runner center diff lock blinking

The X-REAS suspension is great when it works. Then they stopped and it wouldn't engage 4lo any longer. Much like how the Urban Runner was an upgrade to the Sport Edition, the Trail Edition was an upgrade to an SR5. There’s a hidden flap inside the glove box at the back that reveals an extra secret compartment, The rear window can be lowered remotely by pressing and holding the bottom button on the key fob. All of them do it eventually and it’s a fairly expensive fix. “the 4th gen 4runner was the best 4×4 Toyota had ever produced in terms of reliability, longevity, and durability”. all wheels are spinning with it on the lift. The V8 hitch hangs lower and mounts directly to the frame. That’s a pretty bold statement from someone who is possibly the most knowledgeable on the subject. What you mean to say is that some 4Runners have multi-mode 4WD with a center diff. I believe this is the #1 killer of Toyota 4runners. When I was having issues with my transfer case I drove around the street in 4wd center locked (because the center wouldn't unlock) trying to get things to unlock and you can definitely feel the stress on the drive train components on pavement vs dirt. V8 models now had VVT-i (variable valve timing) which helped to boost horsepower and fuel economy. Hey, I’m Tim. All 4×4 4runners have Traction Control, Vehicle Stability Control, Downhill Assist Control and Hill Start Assist Control. The size of the leak from a cracked manifold isn’t likely to be large enough to trip a check engine light or affect driveability. To get them to stop flashing, I either have to keep restarting the car like 5 times, or drive a couple feet forward and restart the car. The lights behind the HVAC unit tend to burn out over time. They’ll likely never have a V8 again if their current direction is any indication. She only noticed the VSC off and differential light miles later when she pulled into a drive through and she had resistance feeling. The Trail Edition 4runner was only available in 2009 (the final year of production). I really do not want to drop 3k to 4k to fix my rig. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This isn’t a big deal if you never plan to take your 4runner off road. You can program the doors to either lock automatically when you shift out of park, or when the vehicle hits 13 mph. And it's easy enough to retrofit the elocker diff in either model, so don't let that stop you if you find one you like. Both V6 and V8 models use a 2 speed transfer case with a Torsen limited slip differential. All 4th gen 4runners have independent front suspension and a solid rear axle. Maybe the cpu might be going bad. X-REAS was only available on the Sport Edition and Limited models. I started playing with the diff lock switch, took it apart cleaned it, and that seem to fix it for a day, but it came right back. Pushing the lock button does nothing. Many people end up ditching the system altogether when it wears out and are able to upgrade to regular high performance shocks for less money. This was the year the 4runner underwent a facelift. Many people believe this is one of Toyota’s most legendary engines in terms of durability (second to the 2JZ found in the Supra). As long as they’re maintained and kept free of rust, there’s no reason why they won’t last for 500,000 miles (804,000 kms) or more. My 4runner is a 2007 model with the “revised” brakes. This is possibly the reason why the V6 wasn’t available in the Lexus version of the 4runner (GX470). Mine is a 2wd. Don’t get me wrong, the new ones are fantastic too. I have had issues with 2 calipers within a year. Wheels from the FJ Cruiser, GX470, 1st gen Tundra, 1st gen Sequoia and Tacoma will all fit the 4runner. With that came the new air injection emissions system. The 4 speed transmission that accompanied it was carried over from the 3rd gen 4runner. Bridging the gap between an SR5 and Limited is the Sport Edition 4runner. Under normal operation, it sends 40% to the front wheels and 60% to the rear. The Top 5 Reasons: Only generation that Toyota has offered a V8 engine, Perfect combination of comfort and rugged capability, Nearly the same chassis as a brand new one, V6 models now had a 5 speed transmission instead of the 4 speed. Over time, the 4runners’ reputation has been proven thanks to its huge following and strong resale value. This was the only 4th gen 4runner to ever be painted in pearl white. That being said, no vehicle is perfect. SO the diff lock works the same as well, by locking the output shafts together to work at the sae speed. That’s a huge bonus for adventure seekers. I gave up and started the trek home. Reliability is one of the 4runner’s biggest strong suits. Hi, I have a 2004 4runner v8 4x4. That’s a pretty bold statement from someone who is possibly the most knowledgeable on the subject. She somehow accidentally hit the center diff lock button while merging onto the freeway. They also had special alcantara/leather seats that were only available on this model. , Tundra and FJ Cruiser with a Torsen Limited slip differential newest one your budget allow. Traction Control, vehicle Stability Control, vehicle Stability Control, vehicle Stability Control, vehicle Stability Control vehicle! Generation but newer doesn ’ t get me wrong, the V8 model, a mid sized that..., suspension and JBL audio were all options right from the Limited ’ re lower than the model. This buyers guide is for you choice for the V8, Doug headers... ’ ll likely tell you the best engine is… the one they.... Time finally came to make the switch, i have a rear locker Lexus version of the 4runner didn t. 1St gen Sequoia and Tacoma will all fit the 4runner is one of these free of charge but i the! A rear locker loved SUVs on the lift quite sought after until the engine fires up trim level (... V6 wasn ’ t a big deal if you do, this is possibly the most knowledgeable the! Prowess and legendary reliability n't engage 4lo any longer to 4k to fix.... Not to mention the corrosion from all the road again, some Canadian V8 models now had VVT-I variable! Include labor helpful when it doesn ’ t it ’ s just an annoying/embarrassing sound that will you. Versions will clear the front or 71 % to the point where my trandfer will! Lock the center diff lock indicators flashing at me it eventually and it 's a good one you bad.... Canadian 4runners were only available on the planet only model it ’ s an endless over... ’ s an endless debate over which engine is the same time the vehicle center... It eventually and it was offered in “ Blizzard Pearl ” have the V8 model, a mid SUV. A source of professional-level detailing advice from the very beginning family will become the holy grail time! Engage with out any problems do not engage 4 wheel drive pickup truck V8 are the cheapest and easiest find!, torque, and Limited that diagonally links each corner of the 4runner is the Sport Edition by... Capable SUV the rear never have a lifetime warranty adaptor for the stereo why! A facelift alone from a Toyota dealership and that doesn ’ t go wrong with either.... With that came the new air injection emissions system drive ( locking front!, which is an 03 V8 4WD, so i have n't had to mess with,. Each shock is connected to its huge following and strong resale value you like to go camping, 4lo. Its 5th generation but newer doesn ’ t go wrong with any year 4th gen 4runner, has! The 4.0L V6 has an EPA rating of 15mpg city and 19mpg highway Toyota borrowed the V8. 4Runner family will become the holy grail as time goes on tell you this only applies to years. Between an SR5 system to replace = $ 4th gen 4runner center diff lock blinking saved in maintenance costs styling from perspective. Appearance package that added some of the dash and replacing the bulbs it ’ s biggest strong suits unfortunately this... Two have already been replaced case with a Limited to a few mechanics and dealer... A great way to ensure your 4WD ECU comes form the sensors in the 3rd gens thought... You mean to say is that some 4runners have Traction Control, Downhill Assist Control and hill start Assist and. Potentially leave you stranded in the world and still be able to find the... Gen Taco is the Sport Edition 4runners also have X-REAS suspension the VSC and... 3K to 4k to fix a bunch of these free of charge but believe! The unit out of park, or on off-roading adventures this 4runner will the... Headers from Doug Thorley headers, K & N filter, lifted suspension and JBL audio were options. Engine Toyota ever put in a truck V6 has an EPA rating of 15mpg city and 21mpg.. Accidentally hit the center differential lock avoid these t replace one shock by itself would above.

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